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Please stop using the system by 8:30pm AEST the night before your assigned live date. The system will be down from 9pm and we will send a confirmation when the process is complete. Please update your roles after you are live, to ensure they mach your current settings.

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Dive into the new features you have access to.

Job management

Make the most of enhanced automation to take care of business faster and make billing a breeze.

Best route, best order (COMING IN JUNE)

Optimise your team’s daily schedule in a flash with powerful automation.

  • Smart route planning suggests the most efficient path between locations.
  • Schedule jobs in the best order.
  • Save on labour and petrol costs.

Change with the seasons

Set and forget with new seasonal scheduling functionality.

  • Create your preferred seasons.
  • Set recurrences for your jobs – such as weekly in summer, fortnightly in winter.
  • No more need for reminders to manually change programs.

Group, filter and view jobs your way

With enhanced job view, you’ll spend less time looking for what you need.

  • Choose from unlimited job colours to make your job view easy to scan.
  • Customise your columns so jobs are listed the way you want.
  • Use tags, like VIP, call ahead, or dog on property, to make jobs easy to find.

Streamline your end-of-month

Simplify billing for yourself and your customers.

  • Multiple pools? No worries. Create jobs for multiple pools/spas on a single invoice.
  • Set up batch billing how you like it by choosing your default compact or expanded view, either showing a statement invoice, or full invoice showing all lines per service.

Request deposits easily (COMING IN JUNE)

Boost your cashflow and reduce the risk of customer cancellations.

  • Set the % you’ll charge upfront.
  • Add it to your quotes.
  • Let your customers pay and confirm quote approval at the same time, so you can get on with the job.
  • Automatically deduct it from their next invoice.


We’ve streamlined your suite of communications tools.

Track emails to order

Now there’s never a question of whether a customer received their reminder.

  • Track any emails (invoices, quotes, reminders etc.) to be sure they are received.
  • Easily resend emails if needed, straight from the tracking page.

Further refine customer comms

Even if you operate multiple sites, you can tailor messages by location.

  • Set your footer by location so the right customers get the right contact info.

Record better notes

Enhanced note functionality puts you in control of internal comms. 

  • Add multiple notes to any quote, job, pool or contact.
  • Every note is time-stamped with user IDs so you know who entered what when.
  • Now you can add attachments to notes – not just images but spreadsheets, emails, pdfs, etc.


Dig into the data to better understand your business and gain efficiencies.

Check your logs

Get a birds eye view of any record.

  • Now you can review the activity logs associated with any pool, contact or tech.
  • Quick-compare logs to see what’s been updated at a glance.

Import and export with ease

Bring data in to update a contact, or send it out to share with whoever needs it.

  • Forget manual entry, it’s easier than ever to import pool, contact and product details.
  • Import and export water test data.
  • It’s the end of spreadsheet admin! Choose your fields and filters so you only output the info that’s required.

Assign a location

Keep your customer list tidy across multiple locations.

  • Multi-site retailer? Just add your locations. Then, assign your users and customers to their site.

Use a template to manage equipment

Keep your equipment as tidy in your system as it is in your trucks.

  • Create variables for equipment, including dropdowns, numbers, dates and text fields.
  • Use predefined equipment templates to add new equipment quickly.


    Keep staff on task and jobs on track with fine-grained control over users and roles.

    Set roles and permissions

    Make Pooltrackr work for your business model by creating your own user roles.

    • Roles enable you to manage permissions across groups of users.
    • Roles are customisable to a very granular level.
    • Simply click to assign a role to a user.

    Deactivate old techs, without losing any data

    You job history is never lost, even when staff come and go.

    • It’s still possible to see job history and even currently assigned jobs for deactivated users.